The Lost People

Eris Renard stories include Eris Renard, Winter Slocum, Ronja in the Woods, and now The Lost People

Eris returns home from the road to find his half-brother, new dad of twins Clint Long Elk stressed and overworked, taken advantage of by irresponsible employees at the bar and burdened at home with twice the chores. Kansas friends Ben and Minda have moved in next door and welcomed Henny Bedayah and Ben’s former physician father Reid Cloane for a test visit to see how they like the area. During Henny’s first venture into new surroundings she finds herself caught up in a news-making event that puts her life in danger and soon affects everyone in both households, including Winter Slocum and his partner Milla who have traveled from Denver. In the midst of this, Eris is called upon by flighty bar worker Mattie, who claims ravens killed the pet of her roommate, and Ben’s new construction project opens a door both he and Clint wish had never revealed itself. Ronja and Bara receive news from an old adversary, and Eris’s daughter Ursa soon joins the crowd of both expected and unexpected guests, culminating in a visit none of them will soon forget in this fourth book of adventures featuring Eris Renard.

~ by S.K. Epperson on September 30, 2021.

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