Three Novels Featuring Eris Renard…

A decade after the events at Green Lake, Eris meets a gravel-voiced finder of missing persons named Winter Slocum and a family of Scandinavian women with a traumatized deputy attached to their case. Eris gets caught up in a rescue that reunites him with a half brother and a mother he planned never to see again. The past complicates the present, and he’ll cope in his own implacable fashion, but first he has to ensure everyone survives someone called The Magician, and then somehow capture a kidnapper about to be abducted himself. By aliens.

After gruff Winter Slocum, finder of missing persons, gets a new case he calls on Eris Renard and the family of friends the two developed while rescuing the beautiful Haugen sisters. Ronja and Bara are back, along with Clint Long Elk and Harold Heap of Birds to help Winter solve the disappearance of a Denver woman’s secretive husband and two children. Someone else pops back in for a visit as well, a certain alien abductee who specializes in spreading fear and keeping everyone on their toes, until he falls into the hands of an angry man with an agenda.

Though five months pregnant, Ronja eagerly accompanies her sister Bara and their company of friends in a quest to find a child gone missing from a campground near the Rocky Mountain National Park. Ronja learns just how much of a caveman Eris Renard can be once they reach the site of the disappearance and encounter a dark and menacing force of nature alien to all of them, even the experienced trackers in the group. Ronja, Eris and Winter are about to reconsider everything they think they know about natural order…and babies.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please read the above synopsis for Eris Renard carefully. This story takes place ten years after the events of the novel Green Lake. Ten. Years. So don’t expect anything to remain the same. A lot can change in ten years, so please, no more complaints because you just finished reading Green Lake, found this book, and nothing was as you expected. As you can see, Eris has many more adventures to come. Just like you and I. So you’ve been duly warned, okay?

~ by S.K. Epperson on November 22, 2020.

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