Sam’s Anna or The (Impossible) Lives of Some People

         A May December romance with a tinge of October mayhem.


Sam Post just wants to help his new employee, the sullen diminutive Anna. He doesn’t know she’s sullen for a reason or that her autistic hyper-sexual brother may kill him for trying to do it.

Twenty-two year old Anna Wincott has an older brother with autism, part of the one in forty-five people in America diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Though he shares similar traits with other autistics, Lewis is in no way usual, and for most of Anna’s life, everything has been about her brother. She works every job she can find just to pay the bills. Then she’s hired for a well-paying position by Bellway Aircraft inspection foreman Sam Post. Sam is a genuinely good man about to go through the most trying period of his life, some of it due to his decision to show kindness to his new employee, and his recognition of her need for help. Anna develops feelings for Sam, who assures her all she’s feeling is gratitude. He’s older than she is, and married, so any relationship between them is impossible. Anna knows he’s right once her brother gets arrested…again. Labeled ‘high-functioning’, the impulsive Lewis has long been accustomed to getting everything he wants thanks to a doting mother and hard-working sister. But Lewis has a secret problem no one talks about, and once he meets two men who can help him obtain what he truly desires, he develops new focus and gains a previously unseen intensity. Of course, getting what he wants is still going to depend largely upon Anna…


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~ by S.K. Epperson on October 27, 2018.

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