When Does Art Imitate Life? Ask Louie the Clown

Joyland’s Louie the Clown found in the home of registered sex offender.


But not just one abandoned theme park inspired the setting in ROLLERCOASTER but a culmination of sad, derelict places visible on dozens of videos on YouTube. Take your pick.

(All memories of creepy pee-stinky clowns with turning heads and waving hands over the Wurlitzer are entirely mine.)

~ by S.K. Epperson on February 19, 2015.

3 Responses to “When Does Art Imitate Life? Ask Louie the Clown”

  1. In honor of being totally freaked out by the Asbury Park Casino and the shuttered Bertrand Island Park in my native NJ, I’m now reading “Rollercoaster.” I may need to switch to Harry Potter for bedtime reading.

    • Thank you, Betty, it’s an honor to be read by you, and now I should probably apologize…hah. But yes, those videos are horrifying. All those jumbled bits of childhood memory twist like the images in the spook house, once glimpsed the mind turns them into something terrifying. At least they did in my case the first time I watched the videos above. At the end of it though, I can’t honestly say what I would do with one of those abandoned places. Maybe part of the journey is to see them exactly as they are now, I don’t know. Thanks again for the read and the comment. You’re the best. :)

      • Now I’m blushing :roll eyes:.

        If you want really freaky amusement park stuff on film, nothing beats the old black and white “Carnival of Souls” shot at Saltair in Utah. That one had me shuddering for days.

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