Hooked on Kdramas

The Master’s Sun is spooky, romantic fun and had me from the opening credits. A girl awakens from a coma able to see dead people that terrify her into living like a shadow, until she meets the rich, arrogant president of Kingdom Mall, who with one touch can make the ghosts vanish.  It’s seventeen nail-biting episodes long, and the true romantic will absolutely love this. You can watch it on Hulu.com or Dramafever.com

Also on seriously hooked list is:

Good Doctor

A physically and mentally abused boy with a form of autism grows up wanting to be a doctor and the doctor he becomes is nothing short of genius.  The relationships he develops with the other doctors of the children’s ward will keep you clicking on episode after episode…it’s that good.

There are many excellent Korean films and dramas. Two films in particular that stand out for me are “Silenced” starring Gong Yoo, based on a true story about a school for the deaf where the children are sexually molested.  And “Rough Cut starring well-known So Ji Sub, from The Master’s Sun in a role so completely different you won’t recognize him, but will reel in admiration of his acting abilities.  Rough Cut  is the tale of a bullying actor that can no longer find anyone who wants to co-star in a film, so he enlists a real gangster to play the part of the villain.  Definitely worth the watch.

I’m going back for more.

~ by S.K. Epperson on October 5, 2013.

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