All Hallows Eve & Odd

When I was young my mother had a friend who described herself as a ‘white witch’ and my sisters and I thought she was, in a word, cool.  Dalai Lama cool.  She was so calm and self-contained, so centered.  She seemed mystical and wise and because of her matter-of-fact no nonsense delivery, a role model.  She read the cards using a regular deck, she lit candles and used sage, stones and whispered mysterious words.  I wanted to know the things she knew, carry around the same solidness of self and inner peace in her soul that she seemed to possess.

But reading and learning about such things does not mean everyone is meant to practice. It’s weird, but in this house knowing peace seems to be at odds with crafting fiction.  Sometimes I wonder if writers create conflict in their lives just so we’ll have that particular well to tap if and when we need it for a character or a condition.  Sure, I look at the cards and light the candles (I prefer Rolling Stones, har har) but finding inner peace and solidness of self is about as easy as eating only one piece of Halloween candy after you get home from trick-or-treating.     

It just ain’t happening.

Now for some vintage fun: 


Apparently if you look in a mirror at midnight and make  a wish on Halloween you see the face of your true love…         Evidently, these two decided to go as pumpkin guts. 


Every year ghost gangs cause damage to thousands of sheets all across America.

Who says you’re scary, lil buddy? I do.

No, wait, that’s a T on the end of the word, not a Y.  Now you’re really scary.


I know you’re trying to figure out what it says in the fortune teller’s banner. Don’t deny it.

That is one hard working apple peeling that can spell ‘kiss’.  

They totally skipped Thanksgiving again, didn’t they?

Happy All Saint’s Day, Nov 1st!  If you see a saint, kiss ’em for me.

(All images were snagged from Google images from pages claiming to be royalty free.  If you see one that’s not let me know and I’ll yank it.)


~ by S.K. Epperson on October 31, 2012.

One Response to “All Hallows Eve & Odd”

  1. Inner peace? No way. Superficial outer peace for the sake of the children is all I’m good for ;)

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