All Hallows Eve & Odd


My grandmother used to send the best cards on Halloween.  None were quite this old, but the ones with moving parts thrilled us.

Now for some vintage fun: 

Apparently if you look in a mirror at midnight and make  a wish on Halloween you see the face of your true love…




Evidently, these two decided to go as pumpkin guts. 

  Every year ghost gangs cause damage to thousands of sheets all across America.




That is one hard working apple peeling that can spell ‘kiss’.  


(All images were snagged from Google images from pages claiming to be royalty free.  If you see one that’s not let me know and I’ll yank it.)

~ by S.K. Epperson on October 31, 2012.

One Response to “All Hallows Eve & Odd”

  1. Inner peace? No way. Superficial outer peace for the sake of the children is all I’m good for ;)

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