Review of Vivienne Again

I promised a review and here it is.  :)

Writer-director Kim Garland grew up around the funeral home business and whatever dark imaginings and morbid fantasies that spring to mind from the association are evident in her first short film, Vivienne Again where the shy, wounded newly employed Vivienne (Erin Fritch) is attendant to the funeral of beautiful young Sophie (Christina Brucato) and finds her attention drawn to three strange men dressed in grey, one of whom seems overly curious about what happens to Sophie and when.  What occurs next has to be the nightmare of every person who ever stood beside the body of a dead person in a coffin and when the shock subsides a mystery begins to reveal itself.  We learn the curious man in grey is Jed (Scott William Winters) and that Sophie isn’t the first dead body he’s left lying around.  But he’s back for her now and Vivienne finds herself driven to act, even ‘pushed’ into involving herself.  Then it’s her turn to become part of the mystery while the beautiful Sophie vanishes.  Yes, you’re left with more than one question as the credits roll, but you also want to see what’s next.  At least I did, and when I read that Kim is already working on the second part of what is to become a trilogy of stories about the world Vivienne stepped into, I knew I had more to look forward to.   Deal Travis In will be Kim’s answer to the mystery of the men in grey and will no doubt be as skillfully written and directed as I found Vivienne Again to be.  A very impressive first effort for Hell’s Kitchen’s Kim Garland.

Where you can see the short:

Upcoming Screenings

FilmColumbia Festival

October 17-21, 2012
Venue TBD (Chatham, NY)
> Screening: Details still to come.
* Select cast/crew (tbd) may be in attendance.

Hosted by The Chatham Film Club and Crandell Theatre, FilmColumbia offers film buffs an exciting long weekend of film screenings and meet the filmmaker events.

In their twelve year history, FilmColumbia has screened many films that have gone on to garner industry and critic awards and nominations. This year’s selections will introduce audiences to an outstanding group of new films before they are released to the general public.

Flyway Film Festival

October 18-21, 2012
Venue TBD (Pepin, WI)
> Screening: Details still to come.
* Select cast/crew (tbd) may be in attendance.

The Flyway Film Festival was founded in 2008 on the beautiful shores of Lake Pepin in southwestern Wisconsin.

The Festival highlights feature and short films, and hosts visiting filmmakers, panel discussions, a Kickoff Gala with food, filmmakers and live music. All in an intimate and interactive environment along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Big Apple Film Festival

November 14-18, 2012
Tribeca Cinemas (New York, NY)
> Screening: Details still to come.
*Writer/Director Kim Garland will be in attendance.

The Big Apple Film Festival screens a variety of specially selected films from the New York City independent film community, as well as additional selections from across the country and around the world.

The festival includes New York City premieres, interactive panel discussions with industry professionals from the New York City film community, honorary award presentations to individuals who have played an influential role in independent filmmaking in the New York City area, networking parties and events, as well as a closing night awards ceremony in which awards will be presented for achievement in filmmaking, screenwriting and acting.

 Visit the web page

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your response to the film. :)

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