Things that inspire horror authors

The latest things to have inspired the stirrings of grotesque tales in my head.

First, based on a true story: The Whistleblower, starring Rachel Weisz. Seriously.  Who needs zombies when you have these soulless, emotionally dead, greedy, rutting jerks to live and work beside every day in life?  I’m going to write a story in which I deal with them as nature intended.

Second, the Lindbergh case. I may have read about it before (who hasn’t, right?) but it took seeing certain elements involved played out by actors in the film J. Edgar to whap me with the overwhelming sense of just about everything in this case being seriously off.  This of course sent me to the internet, where I read and clicked, clicked and read everything from the nanny’s original police statement to this most illuminating of articles in Yankee Magazine where they make what I perceive to be a serious case for this having been an inside job, pulled off by someone right there in the house.

And from YouTube the series In Search Of presents its case:


And then there’s this story, which makes a statement in so many ways about ‘us’ as a species.  When I saw the picture I immediately thought of the movie Freaks, which awakened us to the injustices endured by unusual, physically malformed or just plain different humans that 99% of us will never actually encounter.

According to the articles on two paranormal sites the creature in the video was wounded by someone who didn’t know what he was looking at, so he shot it. (So many tales on the internet begin this way.) The thing fled back to its hiding place where there were apparently one or two more, and the shooter and his friends tracked it there. The wounded thing attacked, presumably to protect its family, and the shooter killed it.  Real or hoax, I’ve already written several stories that could have been inspired by this unfortunate video and will likely write another, just to deal with the shooter in a way nature probably didn’t intend.

~ by S.K. Epperson on August 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Things that inspire horror authors”

  1. Many thanks for following my blog!

    I totally agree with you about the Lindbergh kidnapping. It’s inconceivable that the kidnapper didn’t have inside help as to the location of the nursery as well as the night to make the attempt (particularly the latter, since the Lindberghs were only in Hopewell that night because the baby had a cold and they didn’t want to travel to Englewood, where they would normally have been). Try telling that to the NJ State Police, though—they still swear they had the one and only perpetrator.

    • That and the information that weeks earlier Lindbergh himself had hidden the baby in a closet meant for garbage in order to hoax his wife and the child’s nanny, which is why the nanny ran to him and asked if he had the baby. Crazy that this case went the way it did. Thanks for visiting, B. Love your blog.

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