The Night Stalker

I just learned Edgar Wright will be directing a new version of the creepy, often goofy The Night Stalker.  Yes, I did watch the television series with Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union and even bought the DVD though it bore little resemblance to the tone of the original series or the character played by Darren McGavin.

Who will be starring as reporter Carl Kolchak in the newest remake?

Mr. Johnny Depp

(Love Depp, but I want to start a petition for Simon Pegg to play Kolchak instead, with Nick Frost playing his boss, the always angry editor, Vincenzo.  :)

Have viewed the movie The Night Strangler several times since finding it on YouTube, whenever I’m craving a moment with the hat, the grimace, and that frumpy blue suit.  It just ain’t Kolchak without the suit.

~ by S.K. Epperson on June 1, 2012.

One Response to “The Night Stalker”

  1. Johnny Depp seems to get picked often for these remakes. He’s in the Dark Shadows remake, you know. I know he’s edgy and sort of cool (and very easy on the eyes) but does he have to be in *everything*?

    How are things going for you?

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