Vernal Equinox and Frog DNA

(Insert music and lyrics of The Guess Who here: “There’s a new mother nature taking over. There’s a new splendid lady come to call…”)

On this first day of Spring I awakened to the strangest conversation going on in my head. Someone was telling me to study the DNA of a frog because that is how our DNA is going to change. My grousing response was to ask why I would care, and the answer was “Because you’ll be here after that, but in another form.”

Talk about a way to open your eyes at four in the morning (now insert cartoon character with goggling orbs the size of dinner plates.)

“…study the DNA of a frog because that is how your DNA is going to change.”

My first thought was a full second of brain-stammering Huh? and then a prompt to repeat it to myself so I would remember what was said after I was fully awake.

“”Because you’ll be here after that, but in another form.”

My second thought was “Dammit, you mean I have to come back again?”

I have got to get better at doing things right the first time.  And I’ll get right on that frog thing.  Promise.

PS: There was a movie from the 70’s called Frogs with a Sam Elliott like you’ve never seen him.  Anyone else see it?

~ by S.K. Epperson on March 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Vernal Equinox and Frog DNA”

  1. I am so totally going to have nightmares about “Frogs”! Up until now I thought I liked the little critters but now? Ewwwwww.

    p.s. I love dreams that tell me things like the frog DNA, I call them the “dream teachers” and they are quite wise. (although mine have never mentioned frogs.)

    • Frogs was a seriously creepy movie for the time!

      After a few hours of study concerning frog DNA I wonder if the voice doing the talking meant the most elemental of changes would take place in us. Remember the premise of Jurassic Park, how because of the gaps made up by frog DNA the dinosaurs no longer needed males to breed? I thought of this because of recent research in women being able to grow eggs again after being treated with certain stem cells and hormones. Self-fertilization isn’t that much further of a leap, is it?

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