What Jimmie Said

Jimmie Hammel has an incredibly illuminating blog, calls it An Explorer in the Great Jungle that is Publishing.  We met years ago when she was still in her teens after an aunt had given her some of my novels to read.   We had a wonderful dinner, talked at length about writing and books and then I went home.   For some time after that (years) I stopped writing novels  and forgot  I ever met people like Jimmie.

A year or so ago the urge to share my work with more than just a few people in Hollywood resurfaced.   I had lost contact with nearly everyone in the business, no longer knew the agents or editors that shepherded me through my nine previous novels, as most of them had long gone on to other things.  But I knew about e-books, had been following the press, and decided this was the medium to get back in the game.  So I ventured out into the new world of writing and publishing.

I published a collection of short stories The Vision and Other Tales and a reworked novel, Satyr’s Graze on Kindle, Nook, etc. and fumbled my way through putting together an author page on Amazon.com.  It wasn’t easy.  I’m an admitted nerd, uncomfortable being on display, a bit of a hermit in my habits.   Trying to entice people to sample my work is like getting rabies shots for me, and if anyone remembers the few television appearances and radio shows I struggled through then I’m sure I must have appeared to have missed a few rounds, judging from the froth at my mouth and the dazed look in my eyes. 

Imagine my surprise when one day I look at my newly attempted blog and find a brief message from Jimmie Hammel.  She’s glad I’m writing again.  I felt like an idiot at first because I knew I had seen the name, recognized it, but thought she was another writer…which as it turns out is exactly what she’s become.   This girl from Cleveland remembered me from books read years ago, cared enough to send a note to welcome me back, and last week had this to say on a post about her favorite authors:

“S. K. Epperson – Her work comes to life so vividly in my mind. I can see every scene. The way she gets you inside the killer’s mind is chilling. She does psycho better than any other author I’ve read. She’s an amazing story-teller.”

There’s nothing better than hearing from someone who likes what you do.  People like Jimmie Hammel don’t come along very often, and I so wish they did.  When you read the posts on her blog you discover just how much the craft of writing means to her.   She’s talented, intelligent, insightful, and she likes my work enough to call me a favorite author.    It doesn’t get much better than that.    Thank you, Jimmie!



~ by S.K. Epperson on July 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “What Jimmie Said”

  1. There’s nothing better than hearing from someone who likes what you do.

    This is absolutely true. I find myself more eager to work hard when I know it’s appreciated. I like this post. It has a fair amount of serendipity to it.

    Going to Amazon to check out your books. :D

    • Thanks, Catie! And I’m with Derek Flynn on the idea that you should write a book, but about more than just the one article! You said it yourself, that you love to find the stories people haven’t heard that much about, and from what I’ve read of your blog, you have several that could fit nicely into a book of just such unknown stories. People love true crime and you do excellent work illuminating details that make the reader want more. You could really have something here.

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