Hardcover & Paperback

Brother Lowdown

Dumford Blood



The Moons of Summer

The Neighborhood

Green Lake


Satyr’s Graze

The Slaughters of the Race

The Tiger’s Spring

(sequel to Brother Lowdown)

 Black Night 

(writing as S.J. Strayhorn)

Kansas Blue 

S.K.Epperson writing as Dylan Harson


 S.K.Epperson writing as Dylan Harson

Nearly all of the novellas are now available as paperbacks, thanks to Amazon’s new program. Check out my Amazon page.  S.K. Epperson Amazon Page 



6 Responses to “Hardcover & Paperback”

  1. Hi S.K. i just finished the book on my kindle Green lake, is there going to be a book #2 on it. great book, was uneasy on what Dale R. did to Kayla , but i want to know how Eris & madeleine are doing & there baby. i keep getting knocked off Facebook, wish i knew why. so can you please answer. Thank You

    • Sorry, there is no sequel to Green Lake. Similar reader favorites as far as the love stories within are ‘Black Night’ written under pseudonym S.J.Strayhorn and ‘Satyr’s Graze’. Most of my novels have a bit of sweetness under the crazy, with strong relationships underlying the madness, so I hope you’ll read others and enjoy them just as much. Thanks for taking the time to write. SKE

  2. Finished Green Lake and loved it – I am currently reading The Neighbourhood and I can honestly say you are my new favourite author. So chuffed to see you have lots more I can add to my ‘to read’ list.

    • Hello Netta! Great name! I’m glad you enjoyed Green Lake, and reading yet another title is the ultimate compliment. Thank you for the kind words. SKE

  3. Just finished Green Lake for the second time. I find myself in withdrawal because there isn’t more to read about Eris. I think the ending is hilarious too! I’m curious, think this book could make it to big screen? Have you ever thought of re-releasing it?

    • The ultimate compliment is to be read again, Candice, so thank you very much. It’s out there to be enjoyed by as many as possible, and who knows what will happen in the future? Thanks again for the lovely words. SKE

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